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Fortis Equipment

The Fortis Bridge Bench

The Fortis Bridge Bench

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Our bridge bench allows for a much more natural, comfortable bridge off the floor so the user can think about bridging hard against resistance and not about discomfort. When standing, if you flex and then fully extend your hips, your upper body and head will naturally move upward and backward. Also, your back angle will change considerably. When you bridge with your back against the floor or against a fixed bench these natural movements are impaired. Our bridge bench solves these problems. It provides a sturdy, ergonomic and dynamic back support to allow you to complete this movement with or without heavy resistance in an effective way. It also adjusts up and down to accommodate anyone’s natural limb length and provide a longer range compared to a bridge off of the floor. This exceptional multi-joint exercise can now be done with maximal comfort and effectiveness.

Patent Pending

Length: 24 inches (approx.)
Width: 20 inches (approx.)
Height: 18.5 inches (approx.)
Weight: 25 pounds (approx.)


Dimensions are for assembled equipment.
Shipping dimensions may be much less.
Equipment in pictures may not be exactly as shown.

Shipping is not included in list price.

Frames: Gloss White and Sandtex Black are the only standard colors – no $ charge. Any other color will be $250.00 extra

Vinyl: Black is the only standard color – no $ charge. Any other color will be $120.00 extra

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Frame Colors

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