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Fortis Equipment

Fortis Triceps Attachment

Fortis Triceps Attachment

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Our Fortis Triceps attachment represents a vast improvement on the classic triceps pushdown exercise. The neck of our metal attachment is curved to gently re-direct the force you are pushing against so it angles and lines up over your center of gravity as your triceps fully extend. The attachment bends around your body to allow you to push the resistance to your center, instead of extending awkwardly in front of you. The hand positions allow an approximate parallel arm position. These vital changes allow for correct and safe shoulder movement under a load. Further, they allow you to maintain perfect posture instead of awkwardly bending over, slouching and twisting your spine when completing this exercise. There are 5 handle options for variations and continuing triceps strength and hypertrophy improvements. Finally, your face and head are no longer directly in the line of the attachment if you should ever lose your grip. It is also great for straight arm lat pull-downs since the attachment bends around your body for the extra range that delivers an optimal and maximal lat contraction.

Length: 36.5 inches (approx.)
Width: 18 inches (approx.)
Height: 11 inches (approx.)
Weight: 8 pounds (approx.)

Dimensions are for assembled equipment.
Shipping dimensions may be much less.
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