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Fortis Equipment

Fortis Bench Grip Pads

Fortis Bench Grip Pads

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Slippery vinyl benches in any gym can be an annoyance and a hindrance to correct form when lifting. Our Bench Grip Pads offer a simple, elegant and inexpensive solution that allows you to grip and stay comfortably in contact with almost any surface. They are super easy to cut and quickly stick onto any bench or back pad. 100% rubber, they are highly effective on standard utility benches, bench presses, or other equipment such as a leg press. Simply peel and stick onto any surface. Our Bench Grip Pads are easy, permanent (unless you peel them off), inexpensive and highly effective. 


Length: 10 inches (approx.)
Width: 12 inches (approx.)
Height: .12 inches (approx.)
Weight: .37 pounds (approx.)

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