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Dynamic Wall Squat Machine

Dynamic Wall Squat Machine

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This machine allows the safe loading of the wall squat exercise. It has elements of both a Smith Machine and a Hack Squat, but it is far more versatile. It provides a “moving wall” to lean against in order to intensely work the quad muscles in a more functional way. All exercises are performed on a normal, flat floor surface and almost any stance variation can be used. Our Dynamic Wall Squat Machine is unique in that it allows a healthy and comfortable extension of the lower back. It is an excellent for practicing or overloading the high bar or the front squat movements, especially when an upper body injury prevents you from putting a bar on your back. An adjustable stopper makes this machine extremely safe. Band hooks provide almost unlimited resistance. This machine will provide concentrated Isometrics or quasi-isometric work as well. Finally, this is a great way to conveniently and comfortably complete standing calf raises with any amount of resistance.

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Length: 62 inches (approx.)
Width: 48 inches (approx.)
Height: 84 inches (approx.)
Weight: 380 pounds (approx.)

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