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Chest Supported Row

Chest Supported Row

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In sports, work, and in life rarely if ever would you pull a weight with your feet far behind you or with an open kinetic chain. Rather, your feet will be firmly planted providing the natural leverage to pull against gravity. Further, heavier resistance will require pulling directly over your center of gravity – your mid-foot. It will also require an efficient vertical pulling pattern, directly up against gravity. Our Chest Supported Row Bench allows this free weight movement pattern, but with the inclusion of a bench to prevent or minimize assistance from the lower back and leg muscles. Your movement pattern is not dictated by an axis but is completely natural.

The elegant chest support simply fits into your free weight movement, directly over your center of gravity. The metal foot plate allows for a completely closed kinetic chain with your feet pressed firmly and naturally into the floor. The foot plate allows you to lift as fast and heavy as you like with little or no movement of the bench. Vinyl covered metal under the chest support allows you to make contact with the barbell on each rep. his bench is completely adjustable and will allow anyone of any size to complete strict but natural rowing movements with resistance. The bar holder is also completely adjustable and removable so this bench may be used in a rack or with dumbbells or other forms of resistance.

Patent Pending

Length: 60 inches (approx.)
Width: 45 inches (approx.)
Height: 31 inches (approx.)
Weight: 130 pounds (approx.)

Dimensions are for assembled equipment.
Shipping dimensions may be much less.
Equipment in pictures may not be exactly as shown.

Shipping is not included in list price.


Frames: Gloss White and Sandtex Black are the only standard colors – no $ charge. Any other color will be $250.00 extra

Vinyl: Black is the only standard color – no $ charge. Any other color will be $120.00 extra

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